this page will provide some development snapshots of our tools created for getting data out of kismet and gpsdrive, store it in textfiles and reuse it immediately or resend it later.


k2o is a bridge between the wireless network detector kismet and the open sound control protocol. see the k2o page for further details and downloads.

noipv6 patch for liblo

this is a patch for liblo which gives you a compile-time option to disable support for ipv6. this is nessesary on osx to force liblo using ipv4 because most of the osc aware applications available on osx only communicatie via ipv4. apply this patch by running the following command from within your liblo source directory:

patch -p1 < path/to/liblo-0.18-noipv6.diff
./configure --disable-ipv6
sudo make install

update: the patch is incorporated in current liblo. step 1 (patch) and 2 (autoreconf) aren't nessesary anymore. note that you still have to ./configure with --disabl-ipv6 on mac or you probably won't be able to send/receive osc to/from other applications.

gpsdrive osc

this patch teaches gpsdrive to use liblo for sending the actual position, speed, direction and the target position via osc messages. the message format is:

/gpsdrive/gps/lat <float>
/gpsdrive/gps/lon <float>
/gpsdrive/gps/spd <float>
/gpsdrive/gps/heading <float>
/gpsdrive/target/lat <float>
/gpsdrive/target/lon <float>

apply this patch by running the following command from within your gpsdrive source directory:

patch -p1 < path/to/gpsdrive-osc-lo1.diff
./configure --with-liblo[=DIR]
make install

start gpsdrive using the new -O option like this:

gpsdrive -O osc.udp://localhost:54321