in this section you will find a growing collection of screenshots and some work done with our tools.

Cosin 2006

This piece was recorded at Chaos Singularity on the 8th of July 2006. Unlike at the Viper Festival this was a non-interactive setup sampling only the noise of the machines and the voices of the poeple crowding the hackcenter.


TravelAgent was the installation we and the poeple from the drone collective set up during piksel 05 at bergen in autumn 2005. the piece featured a magic carpet, tracking the position of the visitors, videos and surround sound controlled and destructed by wireless data at prerecorded spots in the city of bergen. for more information on the piece check out the links below and look at the short video.


this is a little dump with a new polyphony enabled pd patch and some new data, particulary a calculated innocent value. it was redorded on october 6th around my place, unfortunately without gps data. blubbs represent packet events, loud ones from active and low ones from less active networks. the higher the frequency the higher is the innocent value of a network. a simple sawwave is set to a multiple of the channelnumber of the last seen network.

the innocent value is calculated from the strongness of encryption (the less encrypton the higher the value) and from the ratio between data packets and management packets. the higher the datarate the less innocence.


sound of data gathered on june 22 for the swiss dorkbot hacienda. a simple sinewave cluster is feeded with the distance, the position and the channel of the 60 networks we found. the voices are raising and falling according to our movements. the whole log is played back at a higher rate, so things sound more interesting.