Plug-In a Bitnik Hack-a-day


After a long run, we will have a nice chance to raise the spoon back in the air! We will have the chance to revisit and upgrade the SOUP with new condiments. Our comrades from Bitnik invited us to the Plug-In gallery in Basel for a Hack-a-Day workshop/presentation on the 10th of may. Read below to see and hear some of the results

Appearing also as the BereBere project since it won't be just a local participation. From Bogota, Colombia is most likely that Camilo and Gabriel will join in with few other collegues, Andres Cabrera, Juan Reyes, among others. Also Andres will join in the traffick jamm from SF. collecting streams scratching OSC packets, a full description should be written in the next days, but here is what we have now: Plug-In Basel.

Here some of the varied results from the afternoon:

image maps, see at least this one:
check the rest here:

the ones of the wifi-range are generated via gpsmap (it comes with kismet and
runs under gentoo linux) and this python script for getting their location onto
google earth:
python2.5 Kismet-XXX.xml > XXX.kml

sounds?, have them for 6 channels (5.1 surround) in ogg format here:

im now uploading in another format to get to generate a playlist,
or let me know where to upload and have a web player (no, i wont use

video: (a trimmed down version of 5min. a rough cut, let me know if theres
something to edit/add)

plus a 2min. video done with a digital photo camera, we got from colombia: