PacketPunk meets the USRP


A bit more than a year ago Lorenz developed PacketPunk after the interest on working on packet sonification. There where already 2 other preceding projects I have been working on that could be used for mapping packets in sound. From zero, maping in more than a 2Dimensional style has been one of our [S.O.U.P] main motivation interest, During the next weeks I will attempt to set up a sound spatialization example that will integrate few FLOSS applications: Scapy, [promiscous~], packetpunk, with Traceroutes, pings and on the side of real-time sources I will use a radio scanner, a SDR (USRP), a VLF receiver and some electrosmog detectors. relevant links follow:

Summer is here and there are 3 venues where this projects can meet and further develop with the possibility (depending mainly on sound tech conditions) that an audible sound layer will happen:

Berlin Breakthrough saturday 27th June 2009:

Vitry (Paris) Hacker Space Festival:

and, Zurich's Roten Fabrik, where we will meet with !mediengruppe bitnik for a long day workshop: