sister project

Yet another project: that flows in similar lines to what motivated a project like k2o and to what can be done with it. It's even funny that this week at the ars electronica - electrolobby: I will be working with an arduino and some servos to remote control (network based) an iSight camera (webcam). Hope to post some video or images soon.

spend $20 million dollar and you'll get sort of soup - and publicity

three professors at ball state university are brewing their own soup (1) using pricely software like max/msp and tassman running on a mac g5. according to the news article (2) they spent months on creating it and "required the assistance of university computing services". somehow i'm delighted that they did such big investments to reach something we did in a few weeks but nevertheless its annoying to see other guys getting slashdoted (3) with our idea...


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